A Buddy For Your Immigration Journey – The Immigration Attorney

A friend who was filing for her green card in the United States somehow filled in a wrong figure in one of the immigration visa forms. Subsequently she sent in the form for processing, little knowing that she would be in for a shock. Due to the mistake that she committed, her green card took years – much longer than it should have.

The process of immigration to the United States can be an extremely complicated process – it is said that just like the U S Tax laws, which are extremely difficult to traverse immigration laws of the U S too can be overwhelming to the layman. Therefore, making a seemingly silly mistake can cost the applicant, in terms of both time and money. There can be delays, there could be denials and sometimes in extreme cases, there could even be deportation.

It is for this very reason that immigration lawyers are chosen. They are there to show the way and light the path, which can be full of ups and downs!


A good immigration lawyer or attorney helps to:

• Analyze rights
• Interpret the law
• Frame strategies and
• Act as a guide throughout the way.

What’s more, a lot of paper work is done by the immigration lawyer. This itself can save you hours. An immigration lawyer will also help an applicant to get organized about all the documents and other items that have to be kept ready for the visa, such as passports, valid marriage certificates or birth certificates.

The lawyer ensures that all the information that is filled in is correct and all the documentation is just right. Statements and testimonies too have to be filled in and the lawyer can help to get them done correctly.

An applicant can make it on his own, but there are a lot of possibilities that mistakes could occur. It is important to remember that even a single mistake could cost you dear; therefore it is advisable to engage the services of a good immigration lawyer or attorney.

Without a good lawyer it is easy to make mistakes, don’t you agree?
So most people make all the effort to engage the services of a lawyer who they feel will help them ride the high waves of the immigration voyage.


Well, for one, an attorney with experience will know exactly what challenges to expect, how to overcome the delays, what are the issues that need some preparation beforehand, and how to ensure that simple little procedures do not flop for the desired legal surveillance.

This article talks about how important it is to engage the services of a good attorney when on an immigration journey to the United States. U S immigration laws are as complex as the tax laws there, and one can get lost in all the paper work and procedures, some which are hard to follow. So it is best to be extremely cautious and safeguard one’s opportunities, by going in for a good Immigration lawyer.


How to Get a Permanent Residency for Canada?

Canada has become one of the most coveted immigration destinations. Let’s get to know why? One of the most important reasons is the streamlined immigration process to this country.

This streamlined process is now called Express Entry which applies to all the provinces in Canada except Quebec. It helps you to apply under the three categories of Canada experience class, Federal Skilled Worker, and Federal Skilled Trades.

Let’s get to know the specific requirements under these categories:

Federal skilled worker: Under this category of Canada immigration, you should have a work experience of 30 hours every week for a period of 1 year in your home country. If you have been working part time, then this experience should be of 15 hours in a week for the period of 2 years.

Any prospective candidate who is looking forward to immigration to Canada should note that he has to show this much experience and any of his unpaid experience won’t be included.

The work experience should also be of the levels, skill level 0, A and B as per the National occupational classification code of this country. All this experience should be held in the 10 years prior to making your Canada Immigration Application.

The next category of Canada immigration is Federal skilled trades under which a candidate is eligible if he is able to show the proficiency in French or English languages as per the Canadian language benchmark.

The other minimum requirements for being granted this visa are that you should have a work experience of two years in a specific skilled trade in the previous 5 years you will make your Canada immigration application. Apart from this work experience, you can also have a job offer in Canada for a minimum duration of a year.

Otherwise, it’s important to have a certificate of qualification given to you by an authority in a territory or province in Canada for your previous work experience.

The last category for application under Canada immigration is Canada Experience class: Under this category, the candidates need to have experience in Canada. The candidate should have a year of prior working experience in this country. This experience should be in 3 years before you make your application for the Express Entry. The different language skills which are needed for Canada immigration are in different benchmarks of reading, speaking, listening and writing.

This category of Express Entry applies to those who plan to stay outside the Quebec province. If you are approved into the Express Entry pool, you are eligible for a period of a year. Once that time expires, the candidate has to create a new Express Entry profile.