9 Surprising Reasons Why People Migrate

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There are indeed a lot of reasons people want to go other countries, and live there for good. Below are some of the common reasons why various groups of people want to immigrate.

Why People Migrate

Escape persecution – This may be based on religion, nationality, race, and/or membership in a specific social group or political opinion. In most countries, individuals who meet such criteria might obtain refugee status.

Escape violence or conflict – In most countries, most people immigrate in order to escape conflicts such as war and violence. Of course, they do not want to be included in the war. Often, these are the civilians or innocent people.

Find refuge after being displaced because of environmental factors – Erosion, natural disasters, and other environmental factors that are caused by climate change are indeed real threats, affecting people living in poverty. It has been projected that in the next 50 years, there will be billions of people that can be displaced because of the effects of climate change are becoming worse.

Escape poverty – This is perhaps the most common reason for immigration. People want to earn more money in a greener pasture. They wanted to lift their families from being poor.

Seek superior healthcare – People suffering from serious health conditions often migrate to other countries with the hope of becoming healthy once again. Indeed, there are medical conditions that counties with limited access to healthcare cannot manage or treat; hence, such patients would seek help from countries with advanced medical technologies.

Offer more great opportunities to children – Sometimes, parents decide to live in another country so that their kids can greatly benefit form things such as superior education along with lots of job opportunities. Of course, all parents want only the best for their children. As much as possible, their kids must be properly education and well-trained by the best institution.

Education – Some students study abroad in order to look for better educational opportunities. Others, on the other hand, just want the thrill of living in a new, exciting place. In most instances, students go to other countries to study because of the higher level of education such place offers to them.

Job opportunities – People with the hope or knowledge that more better opportunities will be given to them in a certain field than at home choose to live and work in another country. Of course, with the increasing costs of basic things today, people would want to choose jobs that provide them with more salary and benefits.

Marriage – With today’s age, long-distance dating is made possible. For couples who are ready to enter into a married life, migrating to be together is a wise choice. Surely, this can be a lot easier on the wallet.